H4 EAD USCIS Processing Time [ H4 EAD News USCIS Status ]

H4 EAD USCIS: In the year, May 26, 2015, the USCIS started to receive an application from H-4 dependent spouses to obtain the authorization for employment. This long-needed changes brought about relief to thousands of H-4 visa holders who were eligible for the employment benefits. There were certain criteria that were used to determine those who were eligible for the employment benefits. Such these criteria relate to qualifications, processing procedures, documentation required and the EAD lawsuit.


H4 EAD USCIS Processing Time [ H4 EAD News USCIS Status ]

EAD Rule

Two main criteria must be put in place before you can be qualified for the employment authorization documents.

  1. The H 1 B worker must provide an approved I-140.
  2. The H 1 B worker must have been approved for H1 B status under sections 106a and 106b of the American Competitiveness. This Act gives the rights to nonimmigrants under the status of H-1B to work in the United States before they obtain their permanent resident status.

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The H4 rule which is known as the employment authorization has the main aim to support the goal of retaining or attracting high skilled foreign workers and reducing the effects on US businesses. The US businesses apply for the H1B program in order to create employment for foreign workers in accordance with their specialized occupation. It requires the foreign workers to have a bachelor or high degree related to their specialized H 1B position.


The classification of H-1B rule also applies to services related to the Department of Defense cooperative research and coproduction project or development project and services of distinguished ability and merit in the field of modeling.

How to Apply

  • The Form 1-765 must be filed for the application for Employment in order to request for the authorization of employment as an H-4 dependent spouse.
  • An EAD (Employment Authorization Document) must be received from USCIS before work may begin.

H4 EAD Processing Time USCIS

The use of the newest form will help to prevent delay and there is an advantageous need for USCIS to issue you an evidence.

Follow carefully the steps below for your application not to be rejected or returned to you.

  • Complete the Form 1-765 according to the given instructions and note that USCIS rejects an application without proper filing signature and filing fees.
  • Submit enough supporting evidence as it will minimize the request for more supporting evidence by USCIS. USCIS H4 EAD Status.
  • Any document written in other languages must be submitted along with the translated copy and the translator must certify the document is complete and accurate. And the translator must be certified to show his or her competence in translating a foreign language to the English Language.

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The Validity of Employment Authorization

You would not have a legal approval to work until your Form I-765 has been approved by USCIS. Once approved, the expiration date should be in accordance with the expiration date on your recent Form I-94 which indicates your H4 Status. As soon as the expiration date of your EAD (Employment Authorization Document) has elapsed, you would not be able to work after that date. H4 Ead Tracker USCIS.

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