H4 EAD Trump Latest News [ H4 EAD Latest News Trump New Rule ]

H4 EAD Trump: Trump government court filing dated 20 August 2018 has confirmed that the proposal rule to revoke work permits of H4 EAD is in final clearance and review.

H4 EAD Trump Latest News

So, from when the president Trump took oath of office, so many speculations and rumors about what will happen to H4 visa EAD rule have been made. The following has happened since president trump took office.

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H4 EAD Trump Latest News [ H4 EAD Latest News Trump New Rule ]

H4 EAD Latest News Trump

  1. 2nd February 2017: the Trump Administration requested a 60 day abeyance (state of temporary inactivity) to consider the issue and submit their brief.
  2. 3rd April 2017: the Trump Administration asked for additional 180 days abeyance before providing their option.
  3. 23rd June 2017 the court of appeal gave a stay and asked both parties; save Job USA and DHS to file further on how would like to proceed with the case by Sep 27, 1017.
  4. 27 September 2017 the administration filed a motion requesting the court of appeal to hold the current H4 EAD again in abeyance
  5. 14th December 2017: DHS published an agenda item, removing H4 Dependent Spouses from the class of Aliens Eligible for Employment Authority.
  6. 22nd December 2017: DHS and SAVE jobs filed respective motions, the first one was to hold the case in abeyance and the other one for argument.
  7. 21st February 2018: finally there is an update on the case by court. They ordered the case to be held in Abeyance and denied the plea of oral argument by SAVE jobs.
  8. 28th February 2018: the court says the decision to remove H4 EAD using regulation does not change and more time is needed.
  9. 26th March 2018: some members of congress wrote to USCIS Secretary requesting not to revoke the H4 EAD rule. USCIS responded by saying that they are working towards the president’s goal of buy America and hire American.
  10. 10th May 2018: H4 EAD rule removal now is part of spring 2018 agenda and the timeline updated to June 2018 for rule proposal and comment period
  11. 16th May 2018: a group of 130 members of congress signed a letter to DHS asking Trump administration to remove H4 EAD rule for certain spouses of H1B
  12. 20th August 2018: USCIS updated court on their latest status.
  13. 16th October 2018: Senator Harris wrote a letter to USCIS on September 26th 2018 concerning H4 EAD removal and reconsider it.
  14. 17th October 2018: fall 2018 regulation agenda was then published. It included H4 EAD rule removal as one of the agenda item.
  15. 16th November 2018 the new bill called ‘’H4 Employment Protection Act’’ was brought in the House by Eshoo and Lofgren. The bill was to stop Trump Administration from Revoking the H4 EAD Bill.
  16. 16th November 2018: semiannual regulation agenda with H4 EAD rule removal information was published in Federal Register.

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H4 EAD Trump New Rule

Currently there is no official update on anything regarding H4 EAD News. There was a status report due to court on 9th November but nothing was sent to court. The DHS is expected to publish the rule for OMB review by Dec. 21st 2018. H4 EAD Trump Revoke.

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