H4 EAD Tracker USCIS [ H4 EAD Case Status Tracker Trackitt ]

H4 Ead Tracker: Have you filed your work permit or EAD? you can track your application irrespective of where your Employment Authorization Document was filed. In this article you will learn how to track your H4 EAD application. EAD is also known as work permit without which no foreigner residing in the United States can be allowed to work. Once the application has been processed and approved, it will take up to 30 to 90 days for your EAD to get approved without RFE. This approval date starts counting from the date the receipt was issued to you by USCIS.

H4 EAD Tracker USCIS

However, after your Employment Authorization Document has been approved, it will take additional 10 days for you to receive an approval notice by mail and finally, it will take approximately 15 days for your Employment Authorization Card to get to you. And between the time it will take you to begin the application of your work permit and the time it will take for processing, to the time you will receive your EAD, a lot of things has happened and an individual will want to be updated on a regular basis so as to know what to do per time or to respond swiftly to the requested documents. As for the processing time of the EAD, it is different for different USCIS centres so it is required you read your receipt notice and check more about your case processing time.

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H4 EAD Case Tracker

It’s good to know that all cards are both created and mailed at the USCIS production facility for cards in Kentucky. The USCIS is in partnership with the USPS to ensure Mails are secured and trackable. Due to this partnership, the USCIS will be able to track and confirm delivery of EAD cards and every card in the card production facilities are also tracked. When you have received a notice of approval from USCIS, you can contact the customer care of USCIS to get your most recent delivery status and tracking number.

H4 EAD Tracker Trackitt

It is advisable to wait for about 2 weeks before you call your deliver because it takes some time. You just need to access the website of United State Postal Service to track your delivery status with your tracking number. For the case of a lost card, it is required you provide the information on USPS website to process the restoration of your lost card.

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Exceeded Processing Time is the information you need to know when your casing processing time has exceeded the normal processing time so not to waste too much time for nothing.

H4 EAD Status Tracker

If you have a case pending with USCIS and have also exceeded the normal processing time – you can know the processing time as you check processing time on the official website of USCIS. In a situation where your case has stayed longer than the posted processing time, it is recommended for you to send an enquires through USCIS website. And if you were unable to find your processing time online, you should know that USCIS is trying to make the decision for your application of EAD within the time frame of 60 days after which you can submit another enquires if you haven’t seen your processing time yet.

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