H4 EAD Status Tracking [ USCIS H4 Ead Lawsuit Status Check 2019 ]

H4 EAD Status: Have you applied for H4 EAD through USCIS and you want to know the status of your Employment Authorization Document or Work permit? You can check the status with various methods once you have applied for the H4 EAD with USCIS. Then you will receive from USCIS a notice of action which contains your case number.

You would be able to check your H4 EAD petitions online to know the status. USCIS issue a receipt number which is unique to every H4 EAD applicant and with the help of the issued receipt number, you would be able to use it to check your USCIS case status online.

H4 Ead Status Tracking

Note that in your case number, the first 3 alpha-digit signifies the USCIS service centre your employment authority is being processed. USCIS has four service centres in the United States which include California. The following are the various ways you can use your case number to check the status of the application of your H4 EAD.

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H4 EAD Status Tracking [ USCIS H4 Ead Lawsuit Status Check 2019 ]

How to check H4 EAD status online:

  • Go to “USCIS Case Status Search” through this direct URL: https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/Dashboard.do
  • Enter the unique 13 digit number provided in your USCIS receipt.
  • Click or tap on the button “Check Status”
  • The page will refresh and display details about your case.
  • You can provide your email to receive updates concerning changes in your case.

H4 Ead Case Status

How to check H4 EAD status on phone:

You can check the status of your H4 EAD on phone by calling 1 (800) 375-5283. Follow the instructions and provide your unique receipt number as it is an automated call. Then you will get an automated message stating the time frame for approval and your application date.

How to check H4 EAD status on email:

Email the appropriate USCIS service centre based on where your application is being processed along with your issued receipt number. The email address of the four USCIS service centres are:

H4 Ead Status Check

Note: your request should be directed to the USCIS email that your application is being reviewed and you may be unable to check your case status once your application has been moved to National Visa Service Center.

How to check H4 EAD case status through USCIS e-Request Portal

USCIS e-Request Portal can serve applicants having any of the following diverse service requests and case enquires.

  • Did not receive notice by mail
  • Case outside normal processing time
  • Appointment accommodations
  • Did not receive a card by mail
  • Change of address
  • Typographic error

H4 Ead Lawsuit Status 2019

Applicants should access this direct link: https://egov.uscis.gov/e-Request/Intro.do
Once the page has opened, you would be required to input the following information such as such, case number, documentary evidence, date of filing, and other case information.

Checking H4 EAD Status

You would be able to track the trend and progress of employment authority and approval. Go to H1B Tracker to learn and share information with other applicants who have applied for H4 EAD.

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USCIS H4 Ead Application Status

Visit: http://www.trackitt.com/usa-immigration-trackers/h1b

You are opened to a lot of information that relates to the process and approval of your visa.

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