H4 EAD Revoked News [ When will H4 Ead Be Revoked ]

H4 EAD Revoked: In this current administration of Donald Trump, 20 August 2018, the proposed rule to revoke H4 EAD or work permit of H1B Spouses is in the final review and clearance. And DHS is also working out rules based on the terms of approval.

There have been a lawsuit and court filing between Save Job USA and DHS who have been against the rules of H4 EAD since the very day it was initiated. Save Job USA are not in support of it because it is meant for certain individuals and will render many individuals in the United States jobless.

H4 EAD Revoked News

H4 EAD Revoked News [ When will H4 Ead Be Revoked ]

The plaintiff pushes more and more as soon as Trump government newly enter into power and the clearance and review are still on. Any time H4 EAD is talked about, it seems to send fear and anxiety to H4 visa holders.

During the administration of Obama, the H4 EAD opened a way for H1 B workers to get job authorization. The H4 visa has existed for 27 years but it was only in May 2015 that a certain set of H1 B workers were given the permission to do the work of paid job in the United States. While before 2015, no H1 B workers ever enjoyed the benefits of paid Job as it was out of the question.

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There is also a circulation on court filing that no plan of revoke has gotten to the management and budget. H4 Visa holders have little relief as no mention of a deadline for the revoke of the H4 EAD, and moreover due to the fact that the file has not gone out of the office of DHS.

Will H4 Ead Be Revoked

February 2015, DHS also made know to the public the rule and eligibility for employment authorization to certain H1B non-immigrant that are seeking LPR status also known as employment-based lawful permanent resident and recently DHS also seek to redefine or amend that rule, and they seek to remove certain class of H4 spouses and state the classes as aliens who are eligible for Work Permit.

This does not change the fact, that many Indian-American and women are scared as they are mainly the holders of H4 visa and because Trump governments had made known to the public that they want to revoke the work permits of H4 visa holders. This plans to revoke the H4 EAD for H1 B worker has caused a lot of tension to the H4 community as they can not ascertain to when notice of revoke will be passed.

H4 Ead Rule Revoked

The recent report of Congressional Report Research stated that 93% of Employment Authorization was approved to individuals born in India and 5 % were to H4 visa holders born in China and the remain 2 % from other countries. Which make Indian H4 EAD more affected, if the revoke of H4 EAD is passed into law by the court.

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Save Job USA requested a quick decision made by the court stating that the longer the case stays in abeyance, the more the harm affects workers of the United States.

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