H4 EAD Renewal Documents Fee [ H4 EAD Renewal Processing Time ]

H4 EAD Renewal: EAD (Employment Authorization Document) is a vital document that without it an H4 Visa holder would not be permitted to work in the United States. Since Mid 2015, USCIS has been granting H4 dependent spouses EAD through the application process. These EAD were granted to certain classes of individual possessing the H4 visa. Individuals were only allowed to work as long as their EAD has not expired and the expiration date of the EAD is the same with the date on the recent I 96 form.

H4 EAD Renewal Documents

Once the EAD has expired, the individual would need to renew his or her EAD to continue with His or Her Work. It is recommended that if an H4 Visa holder already has an EAD, He or She should apply for renewal before the expiration date. The process of renewal is very similar to the first process of application of the EAD. You should send an application to USCIS with the documents listed below to support your renewal process.

H4 EAD Renewal Documents Fee [ H4 EAD Renewal Processing Time ]

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  1. Form I -765 for renewal
  2. G1145 used to receive SMS text and email.
  3. An envelope containing Bankers check for the sum of $380 as required by the US Department of Homeland Security and Photographs.
  4. Recent receipt for Employment Authorization Document of which the bottom of the receipt has a card number and receipt number.
  5. H-1B copy
  6. H4B copy
  7. Form I-140
  8. EAD Card Copy
  9. Marriage Certificate
  10. Driving License
  11. Front and last copy of Passport along with the Visa page.

H4 EAD Renewal Processing Time

An individual should know that the process is the same for the application of EAD through the USCIS as well as the H4 EAD renewal and H4 EAD extension. Application and renewal are not allowed by USCIS during early 180 Calendar days including holidays and weekend. RFTs will be issued by USCIS if your renewal is 180 days before the expiration of your EAD. With RFT you can claim to apply for renewal only 120 days before expiration. During application, the user should be careful as Withdrawer of EAD will soon be enacted.

H4 EAD Renewal Fee

The DHS H4 EAD and H4 EAD USCIS are the same things and the application for your renewal should be mailed to USCIS.

When you are applying, you should indicate the reason for the application for new EAD or for renewal of EAD.

A user of EAD is permitted to do any Job or Business in the USA as long as his/her EAD has not expired. Unlike the Primary H1B holder having restrictions for a specific employer, technology and location.

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H4 EAD Renewal Application Form

Finally, an individual may want to know if he or she can travel outside the United States as long as His renewal or application is on the process. The fact is that you can decide to travel anywhere you desire as far as your H4 status is valid and having met all the requirements of admission and having obtained a valid non-immigrant visa. Although travel out of the United States might lead to a delay or so in the process of your renewal or new EAD. Because as you are outside the United States, the USCIS might need more information about your renewal or application process which you may not be able to provide at the expected time.

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