H4 EAD Processing Time 2019 [ H4 EAD Processing Time USCIS ]

H4 EAD Processing Time: There are different types of employment authorization in which the application can be filed through Form I-765. The processing time of each EAD applications varies with respect to the USCIS and kind of employment authorization. You can check the official website of USCIS to know the processing and approval time for new EAD, renewal and extension requests for H4 EAD and the adjustment status.

H4 EAD Processing Time 2019

Most of the user’s driven forum and online tracker do share information about the most recent EAD approval. On which their final dates are based on the data achieved from USCIS official date to produce an effective and reliable average for the Employment Authority Document processing time.

H4 EAD Processing Time 2019 [ H4 EAD Processing Time USCIS ]

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  • Outside Normal Processing time.

If you received a case date that is before the date that is displayed on the official website of USCIS, you should make an enquires with the customer service of USCIS to know what led to the delay of your case. In addition, it means that the processing of your case might either be stuck as it has taken too much time as it supposes to be.

  • Time for EAD to come?

Check the webpage of USCIS to know the normal processing time.

H4 EAD Renewal Processing Time

  • Checking your application status of EAD?

Once you have obtained your USCIS receipt number, you can check your USCIS case status and check your EAD application.

  • Is it possible to work with approval notice for EAD?

No, you won’t be able to work with approval notice for EAD, you must obtain your EAD card before you can begin to work in the United States.It takes 5 to 7 days for your EAD card to get to you along as the status of your application says “Card sent for printing”

H4 EAD Processing Time Vermont

  • The processing time of EAD in Dallas or Phoenix

Dallas or Phoenix has no USCIS service centre. You have to send your application from a mailbox in Dallas or Phoenix and from there your application will be taken to the actual service centre. The service centre that is processing your application is shown on your receipt number.

  • EAD processing Time with RFE?

After you have submitted your RFE to USCIS, it normally takes 60 to 90 days for the processing and approval of your EAD application. The time it takes for processing start counting as soon as your RFE is received by USCIS.

H4 EAD Processing Time USCIS

As far as your primary visa such as H1B or L has a minimum of 6 months of validity, you can apply for dependent H4 EAD so that you do not require certain RFE.

  • How long will SSN card arrive after applying for EAD?

It takes four weeks for SSN card to arrive after EAD has been approved. You can also apply for SSN along with EAD or apply for SSN separately when you have already received your EAD card.

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H4 EAD Application Processing Time California

In all, H4 EAD processing time varies according to the USCIS centre and also it take at most 30 to 90 days for the application for your employment authority to be processed and approved,and if it is taken took long time than normal, it is advisable to make an enquires to the customer support of USCIS.

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