H4 EAD Premium Processing 2019 [ H4 Ead Concurrent Filing Documents ]

H4 EAD Premium Processing: As an applicant who wants to upgrade from H4 visa ead to H4 EAD Premium, there is a process in which you must go through. Though it will not be as complicated as when you first filled for H4 visa ead.

The most paramount thing that you must do is to complete and sign Form I-907, this is a form that an employer can use to request faster processing for a certain employment based petitions and applications. However, its main work is to help an applicant upgrade from a normal visa to H4 ead Premium. Not all designated classifications within these forms are eligible for immediate use of this service. You can only be allowed to go through an on-site inspection at the beneficiary’s place of employment.

H4 EAD Premium Processing

Form I-129

Form I-129 which is a petition for a non-immigrant worker and Form I-140 an immigrant petition for Alien Worker has been designated for premium processing. This means that the applicant must file all the forms during H4 EAD Premium processing at the service center written on that form. In case you have already filed Form I-129 or I-140 and now you want to request for upgrading to Premium services, then you have to file Form I-907 with the service center where the other forms are pending, that is form I-129 or Form I-140 is currently pending. This must be accompanied with a copy of Form I-797, Receipt Notice for Form I-129 or Form I-140.

In case Premium processing is rejected because the filling has failed to clearly establish the conditions of availability or incorrectly submitted concurrently with Form I-140 petition at USCIS office without geographic jurisdiction over Form I-140.

A beneficiary of visa petition cannot seek premium services, only if the petitioner and the beneficiary is the same. Otherwise, the petitioner, the attorney, or a representative who has filed notice of appearance on behalf of the applicant may request for Premium Processing service for a designated petition.

H4 Ead Processing Time with H1B Premium

It will be too bad for you to file your application or petition at an office without geographic jurisdiction over the underlying petition if Form I-907 is;

Concurrently with Form I-140 petition, Form I-129 or as a standalone request relating to Form I-129 petition that was not transferred to different service center. With these, USCIS will automatically reject it.

It is also important to note that in case you file your petition or application in the wrong service center, USCIS will automatically send it to the right center where the 15 days calendar period will commence the exact day they received your file.

The filling fee is $410, applicant can either pay it in cash or check, by check it must be made payable to United States Department of Homeland Security. This fee cannot be waived as compared to H4 visa ead filling fee. All filling fees relating to the specific forms needed in requesting for Premium Processing Service must all be submitted. Service fee must be submitted in a separate money order or check.

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Form I-907

Petitioner, attorney, or the representatives, or beneficiary may pay Premium Service fee, but the beneficiary is not allowed to sign or file Form I-907.

It is of advantage to submit your phone number or mail on Form I-907, since this would help in notifying you of your status as an applicant.

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