H4 EAD Fee Personal Check [ H4 Ead Fees ]

H4 EAD fee: You might be wondering how much applying for H4 EAD might cost after going through the application requirements. H4 EAD is a very paramount document that will not only allow you to legally work in United States, but also give you lots of privileges as a non-immigrant. In case you are ready to carry on with the application, work on the required documents as the current Form I-765 fee amount is 410 US dollars.

H4 Ead Fee

H4 EAD waiver fee

In case you need to pay form I-765 yet you have no enough cash to do so, you can ask for a waiver by filling a fee waiver request which has no any payment. This waiver was introduced by USCIS after noticing that there were passionate individuals who wanted to work in United States yet they were being stopped by lack of funds. When applying for this, you have to show the inability to pay for this fee by convincing them that you are really in need.

How to submit EAD fee

You can pay for this by sending check or money order in US currency and drawn on US financial institution. This money should be directed to U.S Department of Homeland Security. While applying for H4 EAD, you should commence with application and filling fee, then other documents comes last.

In case your application is not accompanied with the required fee, it will definitely be rejected with a notice that Form I-765 is deficient. You be asked to correct then re-submit once again.

Payment using Checks

You are in a position to pay the fee with bank drafts, cashier’s checks, personal checks and money order. Though it must be in US currency. As an applicant, you are required to mail your check or money order coupled with your application forms. We also have some forms that you are in a position to pay in person at USCIS field office.

While paying your fees using checks, you should have these in mind;

Authorization for an Electronic Funds transfer

Submitting your funds using check, you authorize USCIS to convert it into an Electronic Funds Transfer. This will be done using your account information provided from your check. In case the process has got difficulties, then through your authorization, a copy of your original check be produced using a normal paper check procedures.

Insufficient funds

In case you have no enough funds in your check, it will be return as unplayable; the payment will then be resubmitted without further delay. If this happens for the second time, your filling will be rejected and be charged $30 returned check fee.

Refund Policy

While sending your cash, you should know that filling and biometric fee is final and non-refundable. This is regardless of any action taken on your application, petition, or request, or if you withdraw your request.

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Credit Card Payment

You are allowed to pay your fee with a credit card, debit card or pre-paid, though it must have sufficient funds to avoid unnecessary charges such as the $30 returned check fee. You can use Master Card, American Express, and Discover.

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