H4 EAD Extension Documents Application Status [ Processing Time ]

H4 Ead Extension: This has been a very interesting but a bit difficult question to answer. Interestingly, many have been asking these questions because they either have been affected either directly or indirectly because of issues to do with the extension of H4 EAD.

However, we must accept that United States is currently struggling because they are trying to get a way in which to regulate and make H4 EAD more effective.

An International employee must ensure that the renewal application is filed with USCIS at least 100 days before the current H4 EAD expiry date. In general, a pending application does not provide you permission to work in United States.  Late extension definitely may negatively affect your work, if it goes pending, this will definitely lead to work leave without payment until you have H4 EAD in your possession once more.

H4 EAD Extension

It is also of benefit to state that there is no an automatic extension of work authorization. In case you need then you do not have to wait and create potential gaps in employment authorization when seeking an extension of your employment, start as soon as you can.

Department of Human Service recommends that the H-4 dependent spouse should file all necessary applications before the elapse of time as dated in your H4 EAD. It legal and allowed to fill Form I-539, I-129, and I-765 at the same time, this will help avoid gaps in employment authorization. This can be done six months in advance before H4 EAD expiry date.

H4 Ead Extension Documents

The extension  employment authorization to H-4 dependent spouses in a case where the H-1B non-immigrant have transferred to a new employer and is in the process of obtaining approval of a new Form I-140 petition. DHS is not extending this rule on the basis of pending PERM applications or Form I-140 petitions.

Form I-539

This is one the forms used by United States Citizenship and Immigration Service. It is used by non citizen who are working in United States to change the classification of their status and or extend their stay with the current status. This form is strictly used during some traditions or the extension of stay in United States.

Form I-129

This is a form used by the employers or prospective employers to obtain or amend the details of a worker on a non-immigrant visa status. Always used to file or change status. Approval of the form makes the worker eligible to start or continue working at the job on or after the indicated start date if already in the United States.

Form I-765

This is a request for an Employment Authorization Document or EAD, which is more commonly known as a work permit.

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Form I-140

This is immigrant petition Alien worker. It is done in the case when worker is deemed extraordinary in some sense or when qualified workers do not exist in the US. Employer who files this is called petitioner, and the alien employee is known as the beneficiary; these two can coincide in the case of a self-petitioner.

H4 Ead Extension Status

With these documents in your possession with a fee of $410, you can successful file for your H4 EAD extension.

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