H4 EAD Documents Checklist USCIS [ Where to Send? ]

H4 EAD Documents: Every registration process requires different types of documents to help identify or know the person in need better. No one can be registered by any governmental institution without knowing who exactly this person is; H4 ead also requires a couple of documents before acquiring or having it in your possession.

H4 EAD Documents

Let’s a look at some of the documents required during the registration process of H4 EAD

Registration Fee

Of all, payment of U.S Dollars 410 must be paid through cashier or credit card.

This is a form that USCIS send’s to an applicant or petitioner through email in order to communicate information related notices of receipt, rejection, transfer, re-open, and appointment.

Form I-765 Also known as Authorization form

An International employee working in United States may file Form I-765 which is an authorization form. It can also be used by other foreigners working in United States since it is a working permit that grants you freedom to live and work within United States.

A copy of your last EAD in case it is available, if not available, then a copy of government issued identity documents such as;

  • Passport showing your picture, name, and date of birth.
  • Birth certificate with photo ID
  • Visa issued by foreign consulate
  • National ID document with photo and or fingerprint.


2 Identical photographs 2x 2 inches

You are expected to write your name and i94 number at the back of your photographs with a pencil. These should have been taken within 30 days from the commencement of your application.

I-94 is also known as Arrival/Departure form,

This is an online form which help’s visitors who want to prove their visitor legal status to employers, universities or agencies in United States on their CBP arrival/departure record can do so in easy way.

Approval Form I-140 Also known Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers

This a form is used to petition for an alien to become United States resident, it is submitted to the United States Citizenship and Immigration office by a prospective employer.

A copy of your EAD will be required but in case you have never been issued by EAD, then you should bring with you a copy of government issued identity documents such as;

  • Passport showing your picture, name, and the date of birth
  • Birth certificates with photo ID
  • Visa issued by foreign consulate
  • A national ID document with photo and, or your fingerprint.

H4 Status Proof

Copy of H-4 visa holder’s most recent I-797 form, in case an extension has been done, that is recently, then use extension approval. Or a copy of i-94 and must be have been issued recently. I-94 should be attached with your H4 extension approval (Form I-797).

Relationship Status

Provide a copy marriage certificate issued in your country in English

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A copy of H-1B spouse’s form I-797 approval notice form I-140

H-1B beyond 6 years then provide copies of H-1B Spouse’s passports, prior form I-94, current and prior form I-797 for form 1-29, H-1B status approval notice.

Based on filling of a Permanent Labor Certification Application.

With these documents, you are rest assured of getting H4 visa EAD.

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