H4 EAD Application Fee [ Where to Send H4 Ead Application ]

H4 EAD Application: On May 26, 2015USCIS carry out accepting form I-765 EAD applications give in to authority by certain H-4 spouses of H-1B professionals.H4 is relying on for support visa and it’s not work give official permission. Incase if a person who relies on another to work then they can apply for H4 EAD based on i-140 approval and finished option. To apply H4 EAD, dependent should be physically present in U.S.

H4 EAD Application

  • What follows are the most frequently asked question about this new policy.
  • An H-4 spouses of an H-1B professionals who has
  • An approved I-140 visa petition.
  • Form I-765 with proof of your H-4 status and your spouse’s H-1B status.

You may apply for an EAD concurrently with your application for an extension of your H-4 status. USCIS announced that as from May26, 2015, some individuals who are on H4 visa will be eligible to file for a work permit also known as an EAD. Many might not yet be on H4 visa status by May 26, 2015. The H4 EAD unlike H1B & the other work visas will allow namely to move from job to job without much difficulties and also the ability to open your own business in the United States. There is also without any limit an H4 visa holder.

Form of DS-160 filling necessary for attend interview.

The documents required is DS 160 confirmation page, applicant passport with 6 month validity, Applicant’s most recently issued U.S. visa if any.

Be sure to request that your EAD last for as your H-4 status is valid.

For doing work any type of lawful employment, you may work for multiple employers. People in H-1B status (with approved I-140s and pending I-485s) can change employers after their I-485 has been pending for 180 days or more. If their job is in a similar occupation, no new PERM application and -140 visa petition.

Up to 179,600 H-4 spouses will be eligible during the first year of program. It does not matter whether your spouse’s H-1B is cap subject or cap-exempt. Also, new third Party-Immigration Voice Team has got motion intervene and joined the case now to represent H4 EAD holders case now to represent H4 EAD holders case now to represent H4 EAD holders case, besides DHS/USCIS.


H-4 status, the central issue in this case whether DHS has the authority to permit such work through regulations.

H4 EAD rule causes multiple injuries to save jobs USA Members.

179,600 foreigners compete with save jobs USA Members. Competitive injury-More H1b Holder stay in US.

H4 EAD Holders same field as save jobs USA e.g. computer programming field deprives statutory protections.

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Currently, it looks as through the DHS is without interruptions to separate the H4 EAD statement.


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