H4 Case Status online [ H4 Ead Case Status Tracker 2019 ]

H4 Case Status: After filling your petition or application you would want to track every stem and be informed a bit early in case there is a delay by USCIS. Then technology has made it simple for the applicant and so you should not worry of anything but to ensure that you are on the right channel.

We also understand that USCIS receives lots of petitions and applications, this definitely contributes to time varying depending on the case filed and where the applicant exactly did the process. It is because of these reasons that we have given you ways in which you can track your petition or application proceedings.

H4 Case Status

Here they are:

USCIS Website

With a provided receipt number, you will be at liberty to log it on to USCIS website to track and check your status online without any delays. The receipt has got 13 characters which you will have to enter first before getting updated.

Mobile Phone

This is so far one of the fastest and simple way to receive message or call from anywhere around the globe. For pending or delayed status you can dial the number provided to you by USCIS 1-800-375-5283 is the number. And the most interesting part is that you can with or without the receipt number. In case you call and they are busy, you can on hold for at least 2 minutes to 2 hours which is a rare case. This means that you have to patient while calling.


In any case you filled your application or petition in one of USCIS center, you can request for status update? You will do this through a letter whereby you will provide them with your personal information which will include; full names, date of birth, alien number, date and place of your application or petition, not forgetting your receipt number.

Email/Text/Phone APP

By creating an account with USCIS and providing them with your email address, you will have signed up for automatic updates. In case you want to get the updates through your phone after creating an account, you will have to present them with your phone number to receive messages updating you of your status. All the two options require receipt number to be approved.

In case you have Android phone with you, you USCIS Case Status Notifier app, for both Apple phones and Android, you can also use Case Status Lite, USCIS Helper for Apple phone and USCIS Checker for Apple, Android and Windows phones.

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Go In Person

Alternatively, if you want to know your status in person, then you ask for an InfoPass appointments with your local, immediate office and talk to immigration officer who is in charge of communication. You can do it through InfoPass Scheduling Appointments.

It is out of these that the applicant have to choose which way to go, however, many always go for a simple one because they would not want to waste time moving from home to office while they have the message through SMS, Mail, or mobile app.

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