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H4 Ead News: H4 Visas are granted to the peoples who are dependent on the H1 visa holders. These dependents are usually the family members and the spouse of the H1 Visa Holders. The Department of Homeland Security had published an update on the H4 Employment Authorization Document, if the dependents of the H1 visa holders are not allowed for employment then the citizens of US can be benefited from that and they will be hired in place of the H4 visa holders. The final decision regarding the employment of H4 Visa Holders will be announced in the beginning of the year 2019 and before that, public opinions will be taken into consideration.

H4 Ead Eligibility

H4 Ead News Today

The H4 visa holders will be allowed to apply for Employment Authorization Department (EAD) if their spouses fulfil the following requirements:

  1. Their H1 visa should be valid up to the current year.
  2. The H1 visa should be extended beyond the 6-year period.

H4 Ead Benefits

Except for the benefit of employment, more features are added for the H4 visa holders and own the Employment Authority Department. Following are the benefits:

  1. A social security number will assign.
  2. There will be no restrictions for employment.
  3. There will be no minimum wage scale.

H4 Ead Processing Time

If the H4 visa holders are ought to join the company for employment and the Employment Authorization Document will needed and the visa holder needs to know the processing time then the answer is, there will be no fixed time. It is entirely dependent on the officials of the service centre. 90 days of estimated time is given by the officials of the service centre to the visa holders from the date of submitting the documents, it may vary depending on the speed of the work.

Lawsuit On H4 Ead

After the announcement from US Citizens of Immigration service (USCIS) that, every H4 visa holder can apply for the Employment Authorization Document (EAD) there were a lot of H4 visa holders who were waiting to grab the opportunity for employment. This caused a rift inside the citizens of USA and they were able to realize the fact that, they chances of getting jobs will now be at risk and the unemployment rate of the US Citizens will increase at a great percentage. After that, an organization which deals with the unemployment of the citizens of US came to know about this situation. This had shaken the organisation and they immediately came to an agreement and decided to file a lawsuit.

The lawsuit which was filled in the court clearly indicates that issuing the Employment Authorization Document to the H4 visa holders will be harmful for the citizens of US and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has not the right to do so. Though the case was dismissed by the federal court but due to several protest, the decision which was granted by the DHS was withdrawn.

H4 Ead Latest News Update

Work Permission For H4 Ead Is Under The Final Stage Of Discussion, Confirms By Donald Trump Government

After the court session, Donald Trump government has officially confirmed on the news that work permit for the lifemates of the H1B visa is in its final stage on getting legalized. Immigration, Visa and Border are the main agenda’s for Trump’s upcoming election campaign. The H4-Visa holders are quite terrified for the upcoming elections as they are not quite sure about their time of stay in the country after the elections. The three-page status report which was filled by the ‘Department of Homeland Security’ says that Final decision regarding the matter is still under jeopardy and all the senior officials of DHS after examining all the facts are considering of approving the NPRM (Notice of proposed rulemaking). Except the DHS clearance, the other department will take time and until now the H4-visa rule will be remain unchanged.

The court filling which has launched for the H4-Visa holders has shaken the entire country and also a rift has caused between the DHS and the government. The entire idea of the H4 EAD was created by the former president Barrack Obama. This revolution gave the H4 dependents the opportunity to work for themselves. After 27 years, the H4 visa holders were allowed to do a work and get paid, before that it was nearly impossible for them to get paid for work. According to the latest court filing, the plan of cancellation of H4 EAD has not reached to the management officials and the Budget department. According to the H4 visa holders, the process of the legalisation is turning to move like a turtle, as the file is not yet dispatched from the ‘Department of Homeland Security’ and no actions has been taken yet for the legalisation. On this matter, DHS has issued an statement against the allegation that, the case of legalisation of the employment of the H4 visa holders has been taken into consideration and certain rules for the matter has been proposed by the department. And the DHS has proposed to remove the non-employment status of the H4 Visa holders.

Due To The Harsh Turning Of Usa Immigration Rules, Microsoft Can Change Their Place And Move To Abroad

The President of the Microsoft, Brad Smith recently spoke in an interview and cleared the fact that if the Trump administration creates barrier for getting the visa of the worker’s then company might shift its base and move out. This interview has clearly been stated about the H4 visa holder’s employment. The work permit for the spouses of the H1 visa holders lack short due to the unavailability of the employment authorization document, which can be granted by the Optional practical training (OPT) programmes. Microsoft later replied on this problem that, the company can arrange up to 350000OPT programmes for the H4 visa holders and will also arrange the US graduates. These initiatives can hold many foreign graduates in the US jobs. In the interview, Brad Smith also quoted about the critical conditions of the H4 visa holders. Spouses of the H1 visa holders are now termed as the H4 EAD used to work during the reign of Barrack Obama. Now, they are feared with the government’s intention and they can see their future in this country. Popular tech companies have also agreed about Smith’s statement and are worried too about the current situation of the H4 visa holders. Regarding this situation and also about the tech companies statements about the system has also raised a question that for importing cheap labour all these is being done.

Many business tycoons including Microsoft have strongly expressed their protest against the decisions which are been taken by the Trump administration. Microsoft has been using its connection inside the US government and the Senators seem to have chosen sides and have been writing sympathetic letters to the Trump administration. The only question which is on the mind of the citizens and the H4 visa holders is that what will be the ultimate proposed rule regarding the employment of the H4 visa holders.

H4 Ead News Tracker

Public Opinion Will Be Taken By The Trump Administration Regarding H4 Visa Holders

The officials of the Trump administration have assured to the citizens that after the decision of the court, the citizens will also get the opportunity of proposing their opinion in respect of the employment of H4 visa holders. The H1B visas grant access to a foreigner to work for any company in US. And companies can also hire employers from abroad through this visa. In fact, it was the most common visa which was used by Indian IT employees. H4 visas are issued to the family members of the H1 visa holders. The Department of Homeland Security has assured to the citizens of US that by the year 2019 new proposed rule will be granted by the government which will allow the spouses of the H1 visas to work for any company and get paid. If the rule gets authorized the, 70000 H4 visa holders will be saved from starving to death.

The US Citizen and immigration services has written a letter to the US lawmakers and also to the Corporate leaders who shown their concern regarding the court filing of H4 visa holders and also protested against the Trump administration’s proposal of cancellation of H4 visa. Public will be given the opportunity to share their opinion regarding the proposal of revoking the employment of H4 visas. However, the two lawmakers have recommended not cancelling the H4 visas. However, the letter will not affect any decision regarding the H4 visa issue. In another letter and which is addressed to the Department of Homeland Security Secretary that, Trump administration regarding the cancellation of the H4 visa will force many high skilled spouses of the H1 visa holders to abandon their career. Also, there will be a negative impact on the American community and the well-being of the families will also be affected. The corporate companies have stated that the H4 visa holders are often hardworking and high skilled and in the past have contributed a lot to the companies and to the nation.

H4 Ead Application

For applying to the H4 EAD, an applicant needs to fill up the I-765 Application for Employment Authorization Document. Along with the form and all the required documents the applicant needs to submit the form to the US Citizens and Immigration Services (USCIS). The ones who are submitting the form first go through the eligibility and if they are eligible they can fill up the form and submit it. The applicant needs to pay an amount of $410 to the Department of Homeland Security. The form will not be processed until the amount is paid. For some cases, the whole amount is exempted but terms and conditions are to be applied.

H4 Ead Documents Required

Following are the documents which will required for the applicant to submit the form to the Department of Homeland Security:

  1. Certificate of Marriage (this will be the proof of the H4 visa holders married to the H1 visa holders).
  2. A Xerox copy of the form I-797 (this will be the proof of the individual having H4 status).
  3. The previous copy of EAD if you are issued with. The new EAD appliers must ignore it.
  4. Two Passport size photos will be required (they must be in colour form).
  5. Form G-1145 (It will be required when the form of the applicant is accepted and it will informed through text message on your mobile phone or through the e-mail.
  6. One document that will prove, the H4 visa holders spouse is an H1 visa holder. It can be proved by the form I-94.
  7. Xerox copies and also the original document of the H4 visa holder and the H1 visa holder.
  8. The Xerox copies of the visa which is allotted the H4 visa holder and also receipt of the amount which is paid while submitting the form of Visa.

Above are the documents which need to be submitted along with the form and in the above order.

Submission Of The Form I-765

The form I-765 needs to be mailed along with the documents. The receipt of the amount which is paid is also to be submitted. Some address proof should also be given while submitting the form. One thing which needs to be remembered, Form I-539 should be filled and submitted first before the form I-765. If anyone submits the form I-765 without submitting the form I-539 then his or her form will be cancelled. According to the rule, the Form I-539 will be filled and submitted and when it is accepted then the applicant will be eligible to fill up and deposit the form I-765. If anyone’s Employers Authorization Document will be expired in the upcoming months, then the EAD holder can apply for the renewal prior to 120 days of expiry. After the Employers Authorization Document is handed to the H4 visa holder then he/she can started working as an employee for any company and at any wage rate.

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